Celebrating 22 Years!

Thanks to all of our loyal friends out there, 2019 marks our 22st year of nature tours in North America—and beyond.  We continue to offer a handful of carefully crafted itineraries timed for optimal birding at some of the best destinations in the world. Let us take you to Florida's Dry Tortugas, Borneo's Danum Valley, or Peru's Abra Patricia, or come see us at our home base in Oregon's Woodpecker Wonderland!

Paradise Birding owner and 'trail boss', Steve Shunk, leads most tours, but we are excited to have a team of carefully selected co-leaders joining us in the field. Our tours are all-inclusive, and we partner with high-quality lodging and food establishments. We travel in comfortable vehicles at a casual pace to give you the best possible experiences in nature. And we support local communities and conservation wherever we do business.


Space remains on each of these trips!

Visit our Birding Tours page for a complete list of tour destinations.

CONTACT US directly for to hold your space on any of the above tours: steve@paradisebirding.com.
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Blue-whiskered Tanager in the Chocó rainforest of western Colombia

Blue-whiskered Tanager in the Chocó rainforest of western Colombia