Guadeloupe Birding Tour

Dates:  2020 dates TBA
Tour Fee: TBA
Leaders: Steve Shunk plus add'l U.S. guide and Anthony Levesque
Questions: Contact Paradise Birding owner Steve Shunk
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Woodpecker of Conservation Concern: Guadeloupe Woodpecker 

Key Bird Species: Guadeloupe boasts a master island list of 273 species. Among these, we could easily see dozens of regional endemics on this trip! Major highlights will include: Bridled Quail-Dove; Lesser Antillean Swift; Purple-throated and Green-throated Caribs; Antillean Crested Hummingbird; Guadeloupe Woodpecker; Lesser Antillean Pewee; Sad Flycatcher; Forest thrush; Pearly-eyed Thrasher; Brown Trembler; Plumbeous Warbler; Lesser Antillean Bullfinch; Lesser Antillean Saltator; and Antillean Euphonia.

Other Highlights: Dozens of endemic vascular plants, and many endemic fauna, way beyond the birds; excellent looks at the threatened Guadeloupe Woodpecker; delicious Creole and French cuisine; fresh tropical fruits with nearly every meal (and in your rum drinks, if you so desire!); and the warm island hospitality of our local hosts and guides.  


On a birding trip to the Caribbean, Guadeloupe was one of my favorite locations. From majestic canopy forests to high cliffs overlooking the sea, with dense scrub brush to open dry forest, the many habitats held special birds, including good views of the Guadeloupe Woodpecker.
— Judy Meredith, Oregon