Honduras Birding Tour

Dates: Returning in 2020
Tour Fee, 2018: $ 2,665 single / $2,385 double occupancy
Leaders: Steve Shunk plus add'l local guide
Questions: Contact Paradise Birding owner Steve Shunk
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Imagine waking each morning in a bed so comfortable that you do not want to get up. Then imagine a chorus of bird sounds outside your bungalow so intriguing that you can barely get dressed fast enough to go see what on Earth is making those sounds.

Now, imagine walking to breakfast and nearly being pummeled by two huge purple hummingbirds, while overhead you are surrounded by those exotic bird sounds that got you out of bed. As you reach the lodge, imagine seeing your friends just down the boardwalk enjoying their morning coffee, but no matter how hard you try, you cannot pull yourself away from the feeding platform standing just 15 feet away, where birds you have only seen in your dreams are eating bright red palm fruits for breakfast.

Your friends frantically signal you to come sit down, and you manage to shuffle your feet enough to get down the walkway to your breakfast table, only to be surrounded by more exotic hummingbirds whizzing by your table. And all this has happened within a mere 100 yards between your cabin and breakfast. This is Pico Bonito! This is not a long trip, and it is not far from home, but it will be one of the most memorable vacations of your life. Tropical birding has never been so easy—and so downright comfortable—as this extended week of birding around Pico Bonito Lodge. Come see for yourself!


Each day of our Honduras tour was filled with a personalized birding experience as well as good food, camaraderie, and fun. Steve and Christine are fantastic hosts, obviously enjoy what they do, and love sharing their passion for nature-travel with others.
— Sandy Moore, California
Should you be interested in visiting Honduras, I strongly recommend this trip
— Robin Duska