Pacific Northwest Winter Birding Tour

Dates: Returning in 2020
2018 Tour Fee: $4,680 single / $4,300 double occupancy
Leaders: Steve Shunk and local Washington guide, Carolyn Wilcox
Questions: Contact Paradise Birding owner Steve Shunk
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The Pacific Northwest is often characterized by its expansive temperate rainforests. The region certainly hosts impressive coniferous and mixed woodlands, but the habitat diversity goes well beyond these wet forests. Broad fertile valleys, expansive tidal mudflats, and the inland waterways of northwest Washington and southwest British Columbia support an amazing variety of birds, especially in winter. The winter weather here is moderated by the region’s maritime influence, and birds from the arctic find it quite acceptable compared to winter on their breeding grounds. In addition, the lushness of the onshore habitats and the richness of the open waters offer bountiful winter feeding grounds. From the Skagit Valley and Puget Sound to the Fraser River Delta, excellent birding awaits. Combine an outstanding birding experience with the warm northwestern hospitality and some of North America’s finest wines and seafood, and you will remember this week-long adventure for years to come.

- Your host and guide,  Stephen Shunk


This Pacific Northwest tour has great birding and unforgettable landscapes! We saw massive flocks of birds as well as small, unusual species. Steve books very nice places to stay and we enjoyed unique dining experiences as well. The local guides he used were an extra bonus to the trip. Overall, it was a fun trip with the flexibility of a small group and an interesting mixture of great birding and visits to historical and geographical sites. We were also glad that Steve’s partner Christine could join us for the trip.
— Eva Armi and Blair Francis, San Diego CA