Reserving your spot on a
Paradise Birding Tour

Thanks for your interest in joining us on a Paradise Birding tour. Please follow these steps to hold your space on any tour:

1) Choose a tour you are interested in from our Birding Tours page (or design your own custom tour!)

2) Contact Steve at Paradise Birding to inquire about space availability on your chosen tour: or 541-408-1753.

3) Complete the tour registration and liability forms, either by filling out the online registration form below or downloading the registration forms and sending them by mail.  Each individual must complete a separate form, even if you are traveling with a birding partner. If one partner is paying for both of you, payment may be combined and paid with one registration. 


Once you have completed the form, click the “Submit” button at the bottom. You will then be directed to the Liability Waiver form which you must print, sign, and send via U.S. mail, or you may scan or photograph the signed waiver and send it to us electronically. 

Tour Start Date: *
Tour Start Date:
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Mailing Address:
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Birth Date:
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If you will travel with a birding partner and wish to share a room, please type that person’s name below; if you are traveling singly but are willing to share a room with another birder of the same sex, please indicate this here. If we are unable to match you with another roommate, or where only single rooms are available, you will be responsible for the single-occupancy tour fee.
Drink & food preferences. Please be specific! We typically shop for snacks and occasional picnic lunches in advance of the tour, and although we cannot honor every request, we will do our best to keep you fed and hydrated. Please also include any food allergies or dietary restrictions.
Please alert us to any medical or physical conditions that may affect you or your group’s activities on an outdoor tour in remote locations; include any history of heart trouble, asthma, diabetes or epilepsy, as well as environmental and medication allergies. Please also include current prescription medications being taken. NOTE: Anyone with an existing or potentially serious medical condition should consult a physician before participating in any outdoor or travel adventure.
Please include detailed contact information for the person(s) we should contact in case of an emergency.
Primary Emergency Contact Phone: *
Primary Emergency Contact Phone:
Secondary Emergency Contact Phone:
Secondary Emergency Contact Phone:
Payment Information: *
Please indicate how you would like to pay and the amount authorized. If you are submitting your registration more than 120 days prior to the tour (international trips) or 90 days prior (domestic trips), a $500 deposit is due with registration. If you are within those periods, the full tour fee is due.
Credit Card Expiration:
Credit Card Expiration:
- If paying by credit card, you may electronically submit a scanned or photographed image of your signed liability waiver(s) to - If you wish to pay by credit card but do not wish to submit an electronic payment, indicate this above and we will call you. - If paying by check, please send your check via U.S. mail with your signed waiver(s). After you click the ‘submit’ button below, you will be redirected to the liability release form that needs to be printed, signed, and returned as described above.